The best street art murals of 2016

“Blind” l’ultimo muro di #Impronte2016 a cura di Millo è tra i 50 più interessanti delle ultime 50 settimane secondo Widewalls.

Qui la descrizione dell’opera: The Italian street artist Millo is famous for his predominantly black and white large-scale murals characterized by child-like figures, simple monochromatic lines combined with a dash of color and elements of architecture. Created for the Impronte Art Festival organized by Collettivo Boca in collaboration with Salvatore Ferragamo Foundation in Bonito, Millo took his inspiration from one of Ferragamo’s most important shoes model entitled “Rainbow shoes” and designed for Judy Garland in 1938. Featuring the girl holding a rainbow, the mural Blind symbolizes our inability to see the magic, beauty, and uniqueness inside of each of us.

La classifica di Widewalls: